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The people or companies on this page are those that I have done business with or have great confidence in and would highly recommend. 

Standard Process:   If you want to learn more about Standard Process or Medi Herb products you can click on this link to get to their website.  Standard Process has been supplying organic whole food concentrates since 1929.  Medi Herb is out of Australia and supplies our high quality herbal products. 

Commence Fire Training Academy:   This is a group that I highly recommend if you are interested in personal protection in firearm training.  Whether you are looking to obtain your CHL (conceal handgun license) or you are interested in improving your skills to be prepared to defend yourself or your family, these guys will be a great asset.  The owner, Keith Campbell, is a highly qualified firearms instructor with decades of experience in firearms instruction.  His classes are non-intimidating, a lot of fun and highly educational.  Everyone is welcome from the person who never touched a firearm in their life to the seasoned experienced shooter.  You will be able to learn and experience things in his classes that you would never be able to do on your own.  Check out his website to see a list of all classes available.

Zone Aviation: This is my flight school.  It is located at Lorain County Regional Airport.  For anyone who has a dream of getting their pilot's license I would recommend this flight school.  Not sure you would like it?  Call and ask for a Discovery flight.  Here, for about a $100 you can go up with a flight instructor for an hour and get to actually fly the plane.  See if this is something for you.  Personally, getting my private pilot's license was one of my greatest accomplishments.  It is such an awesome feeling flying a plane.  I would highly recommend it!